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You may call it rocket science, we simply call it Commerce as a Service (CAAS). We provide you with a state-of-art commerce department. Our experienced commerce managers, growth hackers, digital professionals and yourself will set out the strategy for our joint commerce operation in order to solve all your e-commerce problems.  We create sales channels and we make them grow. Together.

The main advantages of Commerce as a Service are:


  • Very short time-to-market

  • Very low Capital Expenditure for setting up new channels

  • High-end toolkit without expenses

  • Real-time insights and personal dashboards: data-driven business

  • A business model based on performance: we both profit from the success

CAAS for start-ups

Kick-starting a new business was never this easy. We launch your rocket ship at sound defying peed. Our lead times from plan to implementation are short. Very short. Your start-up investments are low because we believe that we both profit from investing in getting real traction.


Want to experience real performance-based business? Enter RG Rocket!


CAAS for existing brands

Setting up a new sales channel is not easy. It takes a lot of resources, such as time, skilled professionals and financial means to realize a successful new sales channel. RG Rocket gives arrived brands the opportunity to leverage our resources and knowledge to act at lightspeed without high up-front investments. A low-risk strategy focused on real performance.


Just reach out. We love to present how to make your groundbreaking business perform!  


CAAS for distributors and wholesalers

Traditional distributors and wholesalers use a multi-step approach to enter a market. Creating a direct channel is very interesting to distributors and wholesalers in terms of profit margin. But they encounter a new world: direct sales to consumers is completely different from selling to retailers. Together we overcome these difficulties. We create additional sales channels and make them grow.


You would like to create margin-rich sales channels? Start your engines with RG Rocket.

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